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About a month ago, I was a guest on the New York-based radio show The Lazy Environmentalist. While this show is broadcast on the Sirius satellite radio network (that means you've gotta pay for it), Josh Dorfman, the host, and his staff were kind enough to send me MP3 copies of the show, maybe because I forgave them for saying I write for GreenAutoBlog. They also gave us permission to share them with you. How do you like that, I get to share my own voice. Strange.

The new issue of Winding Road has hit the 'net and they've assembled a panel of experts to speculate on the future of the Corvette. Some of the discussion centers on the C7, while a sizeable portion of the article focuses on a mid-engine variant of the iconic coupe – including the rendering above.

Click the image above for a high res gallery of the US-spec C-Class.

Malaysia is going to delay its plans for a mandatory 5 percent of biodiesel blended into regular diesel pumps (B5). The biodiesel production (which is obtained from palm oil and called Envodiesel) facilities are far from being ready and are suffering delays.

Click the photo for a high res gallery of the production version of the Tiguan

Click the photo for a high res gallery of the new VW Tiguan

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We've all been on the edge of our seats since the Lexus LX 570 dropped its (XXL) wraps at the New York auto show, waiting to see how its lesser cousin, the Land Cruiser has turned out. Well, no, we haven't, but Jalopnik has spilled the beans on the newest Bruiser from Toyota. None of Toyota's trucks are what some might consider "attractive," and this latest Cruiser looks like a Highlander with gigantism.

In a system which is almost copied from the one existing in the UK, Spain has just passed in the parliament a new law that will change the immatriculation tax. This tax is currently at 12 percent of the value of a new car (if you wondered, you also have to add 16 percent VAT or Sales Tax). This tax on new vehicles will be changed from this single value into different percentages, depending to their CO2 emissions per km. Therefore, a clean car will pay 0 percent and dirtier vehicles (and the law

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/world_news/BS_Artists_Brilliance_says_BS6_crash_test_won_t_hurt_European_sales'; Chinese automaker Brilliance has stated that its European distributor is confident it'll be able to sell the BS6 sedan on the continent despite its pathetic showing in Germany's ADAC crash tests. In case you missed it the first time around, the BS6 garnered a 1-star rating after collapsing in on itself during the frontal offset test and experiencing similarly poor results in the si

If you think that the Detroit 3 are the only ones worried about the new CAFE standards, think again. As it turns out, Honda and Toyota execs are supporting a fuel economy bill, but not all parts of the ones proposed. In fact, it almost seems as though they don't want to see their American competition die a legislative death, as Ed Cohen, VP of Government and Industry Relations for Honda North America, said, "I wouldn't count out anybody yet." Since the Detroit 3 employ so many Americans, perhaps

In hindsight, it seems like a no-brainer. With eco- and image-conscious consumers willing to plunk down a sizeable chunk of change for something with a "Hybrid" badge, it was only a matter of time before Lexus brought forth a hybrid-only luxury car.

The naming is appropriate for a low-frequency addicted BAMF - Sub Mofo. If you're looking to jiggle the teacups in Aunt Millie's breakfast nook over in the next county, this is the vehicle for you! It appears to be some sort of promotional vehicle for mobile audio manufacturer Power Acoustik. In fact, Mofo is a particular model line of extremely beefy subwoofers from the California-based electronics manufacturer. The Mofo-10s appear to be part of what this truck's equipped with. From the specs,

Our car-culture obsessive compatriots over at the Jalop snapped up a shot of the new Challenger from Frau Priddy and her merry men, capturing Dodge's newest hotness at speed on the highway.

It doesn't yet have a hybrid powertrain that will give it 70+mpg (but that option is coming), but Peugot's new 308 does have a lot of options in the engine bay. The new 308, coming to the UK in September, has ten powerplant choices, with the lightest emitter sending out just 120 g/km of CO2. This aerodynamic little hatchback has got a below-average drag coefficient of just 0.29.

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Martin Eberhard, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motor, has been included in Business 2.0's list of the 50 persons who matter now. This list, although very subjective, lists the people, products, trends and ideas that are claimed to transform the world of business.

General Motors announced earlier this morning that it has agreed to sell Allison Transmission to two private equity firms. The Carlyle Group and Onex Corp. will purchase both the commercial and military ends of Allison, all for the bargain price of $5.6 billion.