ABG on the radio (look, it's a shameless plug)

About a month ago, I was a guest on the New York-based radio show The Lazy Environmentalist. While this show is broadcast on the Sirius satellite radio network (that means you've gotta pay for it), Josh Dorfman, the host, and his staff were kind enough to send me MP3 copies of the show, maybe because I forgave them for saying I write for GreenAutoBlog. They also gave us permission to share them with you. How do you like that, I get to share my own voice. Strange.
Anyway, we talked about the Tesla Roadster, the Phoenix SUT, the Chevy Volt and much more. The show is supposed to be call-in format but we didn't have time to take calls. I'll try to push for that the next time I'm (and let you know before it happens so you can call in).

Oh, and I managed to sneak in a reference to making watermelons into ethanol. How fun.
You can listen to Part One and Part Two, and thanks for indulging me.

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