Back in February, AutoblogGreen reader Colin M. wrote in to tell us about a video he and his son made for Trehugger's Convenient Truths contest. That spot featured Colin's son Carrick and the family's VegOil-burning yellow Beetle. The duo has returned (this time with Carrick's little brother in a cameo or two) with two new enviro-videos.

Called "A Message for Grownups," the first new video has Carrick laying it on the line: "In 14 years," he says, "I'm going to be a grown up, and here's what I expect you [adults] to get done in the meantime to stop global warming." Carrick then explains that electric cars, clean and renewable electricity sources, recycling and eating less meat and dairy are the least he expects us to do, adding, "I never want to drive a car on gasoline, ever!" Colin, watch out, the Association of British Drivers just might ask for your head.

Colin and Carrick's other new video - on using reel mowers instead of gas powered ones - is after the jump. You can watch their original video here and don't forget these other green kids videos:
[Source: Colin M]

Colin on reel mowers.

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