Porsche's mysterious three-seater looks more like the Apple Car than like a 911

It's autonomous and likely electric

Porsche's secret warehouse near Stuttgart, Germany, is full of fascinating one-offs and what-ifs, but one of the German company's most unusual cars to date is hiding deep inside its design studio. It released a sketch that shows a never-before-seen three-seater that looks more like the long-rumored Apple Car than like a 911.

"It's a vision of what a Porsche might look like in the future," the company explained in a social media post. It added that the model — whose name hasn't been released yet — has a one-piece body, which likely means it features a monobox design like the Smart ForTwo, and that it offers users a fully autonomous driving mode.

Porsche's previous sketches were shrouded in darkness, and its city car is no exception. Making the image a little bit lighter (as shown above) reveals ultra-thin headlights and a silver Porsche crest prominently positioned in the middle of the front fascia. While images of the interior haven't been released yet, it looks like the driver's seat is positioned front and center and the two rear seats are positioned on either side of it. This layout is often attributed to the McLaren F1, but other carmakers have also experimented with it; BMW adopted it for a 1993 city car concept named Z13.

We don't know what Porsche's city car is powered by yet, but it's reasonable to speculate the model is entirely electric. Nothing suggests there's a naturally-aspirated flat-six engine hanging out behind the rear axle.

Porsche will publish more details about its mysterious city car in the coming weeks, and it will continue to release sketches of unreleased cars on its social media channels. They're grouped under the hashtag #PorscheUnseen.

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