Electric Ford F-150 will have more power than any current F-150

It'll have dual motors and the best 0-60 mph acceleration time in the lineup

More details about the electric Ford F-150 are out, and while there’s still much to learn, there’s enough in this latest dump from Ford to whet our appetites. 

To start, Ford claims the electric F-150 will have more horsepower and torque than any F-150 available today. That means it’ll best the current Raptor, which sits at 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. We have no doubt Ford can easily beat those numbers with what we now know will be a dual motor setup. Sorry, to those hoping for a quad-motor, but a dual motor F-150 should still be plenty fun. You can see an electric prototype pounding around in the video (above) Ford released alongside this news today.

Ford also claims the electric F-150 will have the “fastest acceleration” of any other F-150, too. The last capability claim Ford made is an obvious one, but apparently it will also have “the ability to tow heavy trailers.” Who would’ve thought? Unfortunately, Ford doesn’t specify how heavy.

The electric F-150 will also debut (unspecified) technology that will allow it to function as a mobile power generator at worksites and jobsites. Ford made it clear that the electric F-150 is designed and engineered for folks who need a truck that works, not a lifestyle vehicle like the Rivian R1T or Tesla Cybertruck are meant to be. 

Potential customers will be happy to know it has a “giant front trunk” that can carry “hundreds of pounds” of cargo. That sounds like Ford is truly hollowing out the engine bay for useful storage, something not every new electric vehicle does. Over-the-air updates are promised to keep it up to date, and Ford is also making the claim that the electric F-150 will cost 40 percent less to maintain over the vehicle’s life than a gasoline powered F-150.

Moving on from the truck itself, Ford shared that it’s making a $700 million investment in the Rouge Complex (current home of the F-150) to also make the electric F-150 there in a “new high-tech manufacturing facility.” It’s scheduled to hit the market in mid-2022, so we’re just under two years away as of today. The new manufacturing center will support battery assembly for the electric truck, and will also be used to put together the batteries for the F-150 Hybrid.

In addition to all this electric news, Ford announced that regular 2021 F-150 production has begun. It’s scheduled to hit dealers in November this year.

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