Hyundai and Korean pop band BTS team up for Ioniq theme song

If you really like it, you can download it for free

Hyundai recently announced that it is launching a new brand called Ioniq that will sell electric cars exclusively. Not only that, but its first vehicles will be based on critically acclaimed electric car concepts shown in the past year or so. While that's more than exciting enough for us, Hyundai is going even further to celebrate and publicize the new brand by getting Korean pop band BTS to create a song for it. You can hear it above.

We at Autoblog are car reviewers, not music critics, so for serious analysis of this song you should probably go elsewhere. But for what it's worth, the song sounds pretty groovy to our ears. The lyrics are a little corny with allusions to charging and energy. And of course "Ioniq" is repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated...

Anyway, we certainly don't mind it or other professionally made songs used by automakers such as the song for the Jeep Renegade from X Ambassadors. If you find you're a fan of the BTS song, you can download it for free at this link. Fans can also go to Hyundai's Instagram page to enter to win a cassette-shaped music player with the song and audio greetings from the band.

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