Coachbuilt Tesla Model S wagon can be yours for 911 Turbo S money

224,522 euros if you live in the EU, 185,555 euros if you don't

In 2017, Dutch collector Floris de Raadt wanted to turn his 2013 Tesla Model S P85 into a shooting brake, which is the gilded European term for a two-door station wagon (a four-door wagon is an "estate"). He asked Niels van Rooij, the Dutch automotive designer behind the limited-edition two-door, Range-Rover based Adventum Coupe, to draw up the new car dubbed "Model SB." De Raadt then had RemetzCar, a company known at the time for having turned a Model S into a glass-topped hearse, to build his shooting brake. The plan, assuming all went well, was to get into business doing conversions, and the final product looked like the perfect lure. Unveiled at the 2018 Palace het Loo Concours d'Elegance in custom metallic green, it was beautiful, if a touch heavy in the rump. Then it went to last year's Geneva Motor Show with the support of Dutch tire maker Vredestein, earning plenty of praise

But something funny happened on the way to a large load bay: The Model S shooting brake turned into an estate, and the build got crazy expensive. As de Raadt explained, "[The] build costs increased more and more and so did the selling price. Despite all efforts it turned out that there was going to be only one Model SB."

Now that one-of-one Model SB is for sale on JB Classic Cars, a Dutch retailer of classic sheetmetal. The price for those who live in the European Union is €224,522 after a value added tax of 21%, or $246,592. Buyers outside the EU bypass the tax man, and pay just €185,555, or $203,795 at current exchange rates. For comparison, the 671-hp Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive runs €203,782 in Germany after VAT, while the 2021 911 Turbo S starts at €218,212 for those who'd rather have their goods delivered and go with speed.

On the other hand, Porsches are everywhere, and the Model SB is only ever in one place on the planet. Beyond the capacious storage, it also comes with some features other Teslas from 2013 don't have, like an upgraded Type 2 charge port with integrated light and automatic-closing lid, 4G data communications for the Connectivity Package, and "bespoke green piping on the leather seats" to match the exterior color. With all that and just 37,282 miles on the odometer, we're still not sure the price squares with the NADA Black Book, but the history, pedigree, and exclusivity tell a good story to help justify the dosh. The engineers at Qwest Norfolk in the UK will convert any Model S into a wagon for about $84,000, but it's not quite as pretty and not nearly as coachbuilt as the Model SB, for those that don't mind "settling."

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