If you think the Model S has two too many doors and not nearly enough cargo space, and you also have a Model X-load worth of cash to burn, RemetzCar is the customizer you should direct your ducats towards. As far as we can tell, they're the only company around to have built a hearse from a Model S (seen above), so they have a proven track record of chopping up the platform and reassembling it. (A bit of advice: You may want to examine that vehicle before committing to having your Model S permanently altered.) Here's a teaser image:

remetzcar tesla model s

RemetzCar is ambitiously planning to build 20 units, the first of which is in production thanks to a commission from a Dutch shooting brake collector and EV enthusiast, says the company. They intend to unveil it in March, and it'll likely have a custom interior considering what the company usually does when converting a vehicle. From what we can tell, RemetzCar mainly builds limos, and they look decent enough. Moreover, they have a broad range of donor vehicles – we saw everything from a stretched Fiat 500 to several Mercedes-Benz wagon-limos.

The process seems to start with an angle grinder and end with a lot of welding. You can see how they built the hearse below; it's a safe bet the process for the shooting brake will be very similar.

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