Audi RS 2 Avant turns 25, but modern-day models get the gifts

Most of the Audi Sport range is offered with a commemorative package

?25 years of Audi RS: anniversary package?
?25 years of Audi RS: anniversary package?
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The RS 2 Avant every Audi Sport model traces its roots to is celebrating its 25th birthday. The German firm marked the occasion by making an appearance package available on most of its cars.

Appropriately called 25 Years of RS, the package is available on the TT RS, the RS 4 Avant, the coupe and Sportback variants of the RS 5, the RS 6 Avant, and the RS 7 Sportback. The R8, the two variants of the RS Q3, and the RS Q8 are left off the list. Ticking the box adds a blend of matte aluminum and gloss black trim, two-tone alloy wheels with a "25 RS" logo on each center cap, and special puddle lights that project the aforementioned logo onto the ground each time a door is opened. Nogaro Blue paint creates a visual link between the modern-day RS models and the RS 2. Alternatively, motorists not feeling blue can order their car in black, gray, or white.

Step inside to find black upholstery, blue accents all around, plus an array of "25 RS" logos. The TT RS, the RS 4, and the RS 5 receive an Alcantara insert in the seats, while the RS 6 and the RS 7 benefit from full leather upholstery. They come standard with ventilated front seats, too.

While we would have loved to see a 25-horsepower bump across the range to celebrate 25 years of Audi Sport, the package doesn't include mechanical modifications. The commemorative cars keep their stock engine, with outputs ranging from 394 horsepower in the TT RS to 600 horsepower in the RS 6 and the RS 7. The TT RS notably offers a five-cylinder engine, like the RS 2 Avant.

The 25 Years of RS package is available now in Germany and several other European markets. Pricing starts at 9,350 euros (about $10,500) for the TT RS to 14,500 euros (around $16,000) when it's applied to the RS 6 and the RS 7. The package is limited internationally to a maximum of 250 cars per model. And an Audi spokesperson confirmed to Autoblog the package will not be available in the United States, where the RS 2 Avant wasn't sold.

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