Watch live unveiling of Tesla 'Cybertruck' pickup

Um ...

UPDATE: Tesla took down the video, but here's the Cybertruck, in all its weird glory.

The hype has been building for what feels like forever now, but tonight, we'll finally get to see the Tesla electric pickup truck. It's getting its big reveal at a live event in California, which you can watch above.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the pickup will be big — big enough that the late, great Andre the Giant could drive it. He's also said it will be powerful, futuristic, and relatively affordable. "You should be able to buy a really great truck for $49K or less," Musk once said.

Musk also said, "The goal is to be a better truck than an F-150 in terms of truck-like functionality and be a better sports car than a standard 911. That's the aspiration." We have our doubts about it being that great at the $49,000 level, but, of course, performance will improve by trim level and price point.

We're also skeptical that this could be in customers' garages anytime soon. Tesla still has the Semi and Model Y to roll out, and the company has had issues with production capacity in the past.

We'll also find out tonight what the vehicle will actually be called, but all signs point to "Cybertruck." Elon Musk has referred to it that way before, we recently learned that Tesla filed for trademarks of "Cybertruck" and "Cybrtrk," and even the landing page for the livestream says"Cybertruck Unveil." That would fit with his descriptions of it resembling something from "Tron" or "Blade Runner," an aesthetic that could turn off traditional pickup customers in middle America (not that Musk cares what they think).

We're hoping to get lots of information tonight, but Musk is notorious for leaving out details at these unveilings, so it could be a while before the complete picture of the truck's features, capabilities, price breakdown and production plans comes together.

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