Mazda teases its Tokyo-bound EV again — and it's a crossover coupe

Expanded Kodo design language meets a simple form and unique door concept

Another 15-second teaser clip, the third so far, stars Mazda's coming electric vehicle in the role of coquette. This time we get a glimpse of the body shape, and coming as a shock to no one since Mazda practically admitted it, we'll be seeing a crossover coupe on the Tokyo Motor Show floor. Mazda says there'll be a few surprises therein, though. The overall line and detailing embody "an expansion of our renowned Kodo design philosophy" at the same time as the EV "explores new directions in design." And within the "uncompromisingly simple" form we're told to expect "a unique door concept, opening your mind." Another couplet in the press release poetry promises a "friendly expression" up front for a new segment entry embodying "futuristic values and changing lifestyles." Well then.

This will be Mazda's fourth electric vehicle, but the first meant for mass production. The company built a small batch of the Mazda Demio (our Mazda2) battery electric vehicle in 2012 for the Japanese market, leasing them to government and corporate customers. The following year the automaker built a Mazda Demio EV prototype with a 330-cc rotary-powered range-extender engine. After that came the e-TPV prototype that the company's used to prove out the powertrain going into this month's show car. 

The urban-focused electric runner should go on sale next year in markets like Japan, China and Europe, where dense city centers negate the need for sky-high range figures; the 35.5-kWh battery is likely to return a 150-mile range at most. As foretold in the most recent teaser, the interior will deliver an airy sense of space thanks to open spaces between the driver's and passenger's seats. Zoom-Zoom will come with EV internals, too — Autocar recently drove the eTPV prototype and lauded it for being "well-planted," "original to drive" and "more like a car in the traditional sense of the word." 

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