1997 Acura Integra Type R sells for $82,000 on Bring a Trailer

Has the world gone mad?

1997 Acura Integra Type R-135b-41bd-9324-4e5d50d33a34-r8VSID-e1568840713849
1997 Acura Integra Type R-135b-41bd-9324-4e5d50d33a34-r8VSID-e1568840713849 / Image Credit: Bring a Trailer
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Acura Integra Type R prices are getting ridiculous. The car is absolutely superb, but the latest one to sell on Bring a Trailer went for a cool $82,000. You could likely pick up two old Acura NSXs in average condition for a similar price as the single Integra Type R. But hey, nobody ever said the value of cars made sense.

Why did this particular Type R reach unrivaled heights then? A few factors are obvious. It’s a one-owner, 6,000-mile, completely original 1997 ITR (what the cool kids call the Integra Type R for short). We’re still rather flabbergasted and slightly upset the original buyer only managed 6,000 miles over the approximately 22 years of ownership, but the new owner could fix that quickly. Then again, this could be a purely speculative buy, aiding heavily in the final gavel price. Wait a few months to a year, and the value of this unmolested Type R could increase another $10,000, or more if you don’t add miles. It was only a year ago to date that we wrote in near-shock about a Type R with even fewer miles (1,200) going for $63,800 at Barrett-Jackson. This car blows that previous record straight out of the water.

As of now, there’s no end in sight to the increasing prices of these now-slightly-old hot Hondas. Another clean Acura Integra Type R is listed on Bring a Trailer right now, and the bid is already up to $34,567 with four days left. That car has 19,000 miles on it, and is reportedly being offered by the car’s second owner, who bought it two years ago. A Honda CRX Si recently went for $33,600 on the same website. The NSX’s value jump hit hard a few years ago, but now its successors are following in its footsteps again.

Will there come a day when an Integra Type R hits the six-digit mark? At this rate it doesn’t look far away. If you want a whole lot of what the Type R offers, without the eye-watering markup, take a long, hard look at the Integra GS-R. That trim is a great step up in performance over a base Integra, and a few easy mods gets it close to the Type R from a performance standpoint. You won’t have the cache and bragging rights that come with the R, but you also won’t be afraid to put miles on it for fear of entirely ruining the car’s value. Happy Honda hunting.

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