Honda E gets new colors, and reservation books are now open in Europe

The little electric is even better in fun colors

Honda E colors
Honda E colors / Image Credit: Honda
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Potential customers for the Honda E have been allowed to "register interest" for the little electric car, but the order books officially open today. Your order is essentially placed through a reservation system wherein you choose your desired color of Honda E. Speaking of colors, there are now a total of five to choose from for initial ordering. You can check them out in the gallery above.

We've been staring at the white Honda E for awhile now, so it's great to see a bunch of new options for the cute car. All of the hues look superb, but we may be partial to the Crystal Blue or Charge Yellow. Whatever color you choose, it appears to retain the black accents on the hood and around the rest of the car. For the time being, there aren't any other customization options available. We imagine packages and options may become selectable later on if you actually commit to purchasing one.

To reserve a Honda E, customers will have to place a refundable deposit down on the car. It's £800 in the U.K. to secure your spot, which translates to $1,018. Other countries where ordering is now possible include France, Norway and Germany. Honda claims the first deliveries for these orders will be in spring 2020, so about a yearlong wait. You can check out the reservation page here.

We'll just have to wait and see how many folks decide to reserve a Honda E — Honda says over 25,000 people completed its forms to "register interest" in the car.

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