Porsche rumored to be working on a two-door Panamera. Again

Porsche is said to want a competitor for the Vantage and 8 Series

The Aston Martin Vantage and BMW 8 Series might be more than mere pretty faces. They might have inspired Porsche to work up coupe and convertible versions of the Panamera. Work on the two variants is said to be so far along that both concepts are scheduled for unveilings next year. That's the rumor from Autocar, at least, citing German media and the fact that "senior figures at the firm have not denied" said rumor.

The non-denial is a weak line to hang supposition from, since senior executives have no incentive to give away future product plans. This supposition isn't even original or new — we started keeping tabs on a 928 resurrection in 2006, when the Lazarus GT was meant to go into production in 2011. The 928 rumor mole hasn't died, popping its head up through the news cycle in 2007, 2009, again in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016, and now. And we've undoubtedly missed a few reports in those off years. The gossip in 2011 included the possibility that Porsche could make a shooting brake version instead, and we did get the Panamera Sport Turismo, so the gossip hasn't all been wasted ink.

So as not to crowd the 911 crown jewel, the truncated 2+2 Panamera would offer more space for people and luggage than the Neunelfer. In one of those 2009 articles, the reborn and proper GT would slot above the 911 and adopt a name other than Panamera. We can't see any Porsche product usurping the throne, but the latest Autocar report does say, "There is also a suggestion the cars will not carry the Panamera name." The chosen moniker would want to resonate with "a sportier, less practical end of the market." Off the top of our heads, we might suggest something like, oh ... 928.

If such a business case were to clear all hurdles this time, it might bring benefits beyond Stuttgart. Bentley has recently said that it won't be getting into sports cars while it arranges its affairs. However, a Porsche GT on the shortened MSB platform could make great bones for, and economies of scale with, a production version of the rather comely 2015 Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 concept (shown below).

On the other hand, we could just be here again in 2021 chewing over this zero-calorie meal for the ninth time.

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