More on the Porsche 928 successor

While Porsche is trying to take over the European automotive arena by gobbling up more and more shares of VW, it also has to keep its eye on the competition and continue to come up with killer products. The concept that seems closest to production right now is the four-door Panamera, which should arrive by 2009. The issue with a front-engine Porsche sedan is that it has nothing else with which to share its platform, unless the hot as hell 928 comes back to life.
We told you last year that the 928 would share about 60% of its parts with the Panamera, and production would begin around 2011. Since both vehicles will be more GT than sports car, the Bentley Continental GT seems like a natural corporate part donor, though powertrains are likely to be exclusive between the two brands. The GT coupe market has been ablaze of late, with entries like the V8 Vantage, Continental GT, and M6 winning praise and buyers, so we can't see Porsche sitting on the sidelines for long. Besides, heavily disguised Porsche mules have been seen testing, so it seems as though the 928 is close to a done deal.

[Source: Auto Zeitung via Motor Authority]

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