The Brits at AutoExpress (essentially The Sun of car-related sites) have rendered Porsche's supposed 928 successor, and as expected, their report is rife with speculation, innuendo and conjecture.
According to AE, the big sports car would basically be a two-door Panamera positioned above the 911 because it hauls more luggage. Put another way, this reborn 928 would be an actual grand tourer and compete with the likes of other GTs. Think of it as a Ferrari 599 more than a 458 Italia. Naturally -- and with the big turbocharger not so naturally -- all of the Panamera's engine choices will be present. The range topper gets AWD just like the high end Panamera Turbo. And a hybrid powertrain using an Audi supercharged V6 and an electric motor will also be available. Hey -- why not?

One thing AutoExpress can't answer is what Porsche will call the car. 928 might seem nice and logical to us, but remember what Porsche has been doing since the Boxster -- using actual names. Boxster, Cayenne, Carrera GT, Cayman and lastly Panamera. So it goes to figure that only the 911 will be retaining it's numeric naming convention should a new car come to pass. We're going to go ahead and suggest Soldado, especially if they're sticking with the Spanish theme (Cayenne, Panamera). Again, hey, why not?

[Source: AutoExpress]

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