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Ford Mustang Australia Supercars race car officially revealed

Just listen to that

Following the debut of a thinly-covered prototype, the Ford Mustang race car for Australia Supercars has been revealed. The car was developed jointly between Ford Performance's Australian and North American branches, along with Shell V-Power Racing and Tickford Racing. And despite having to adapt the Mustang's body to a particular chassis for the series, the car looks very much like the Mustang we know and love. At least it does compared with the Monster Energy Series NASCAR Mustang.

There are of course differences to the looks. The front and rear fascias appear to sit lower, and the greenhouse looks a tad taller. The biggest changes are the giant front splitter, and the even more massive rear wing. But as we mentioned before, these additions aren't unusual for Australia Supercars. The interior is naturally gutted and restuffed with a roll cage, though it does appear the dashboard remains. Our favorite addition is the big side-exit exhaust.

The best part of the car, though, is the sound. It's a big, boisterous V8, and the mix of gearbox whine with it is intoxicating. But considering that Supercars has a minimum sound requirement, we probably shouldn't be surprised.

The Mustang will start racing this February with six total cars, and it will be up against the current Holden Commodore, better known here as the Buick Regal. The racing model of the Commodore is rear-drive as per the regulations and powered by a twin-turbocharged V6.

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