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2019 Cadillac XT4 interior has actual buttons, no more touch-sensitive panel

It also has a new shifter and infotainment controller

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Cadillac makes some highly stylish cars that are excellent to drive. In the realm of infotainment, there was room for improvement. The CUE infotainment system is infamous for being complex and annoying. One particular sore point was the touch-sensitive panels used for basic functions and their unrefined, "haptic feedback" clunk. Thankfully, spy photos show that Cadillac is changing tack both with buttons and infotainment controls in general.

As seen above, there don't appear to be any capacitive buttons in sight. Instead, the XT4 has the "piano-key" buttons that are in vogue now. The most prominent are metal-finish buttons that control climate settings indicated by corresponding symbols above the buttons. Below that are additional buttons for seat controls and at least one safety feature, the parking warning. These should be vastly easier to manipulate than tapping and hoping you've engaged the correct function. This doesn't mean there won't be any touch-sensitive controls available, but they've at least been minimized.

Other physical controls we spotted are down on the center console near the shifter. It looks as though the CT6's odd touchpad won't be making an appearance in the XT4 as there seems to be a more conventional knob instead. If it's indeed for the infotainment system, it would be a redundant controller as the upper screen's home button and fingerprints would indicate it's very much touch-operated. Like other Cadillacs and GM products in general, it's safe to say that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be available and possibly standard.

There are a couple other interesting additions besides the physical controls. There's a Near Field Communications (NFC) logo embossed in the dashboard, indicating the car will support NFC pairing of phones. The XT4 also dispatches the more traditional mechanical shifter for a more modern monostable joystick like the found in some Buicks, but with a different shape.

We're currently expecting the XT4 to be revealed late in 2018. It will be based on the Chevy Malibu platform, it'll probably stick with turbocharged four-cylinder power, and offer front- and all-wheel drive.

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