Ferrari SUV officially being considered

... but hold off on that order. A final decision is still 2.5 years away

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A new report from Bloomberg seems to confirm that Ferrari is very seriously looking at creating some type of SUV. The news outlet reports that CEO Sergio Marchionne said the sports car builder will come to a final decision on the crossover in 30 months. This of course means that actual production will be several years off, if it happens at all. He also referred to the hypothetical crossover as an "FUV," which we assume means something like Ferrari Utility Vehicle or Fast Utility Vehicle. We doubt it's something offensive, but Marchionne has been quoted as preferring to be shot than have Ferrari build an SUV.

If we had to guess whether Ferrari will build an SUV, we would go with, yes. Both Car Magazine and Bloomberg have reported that the company is in the early development phase of some utility vehicle. Both sources also mention similar details such as the fact that it will be based on the all-wheel-drive GTC4 Lusso platform and that there will be a hybrid powertrain option.

Adding an SUV of some sort to the Ferrari line-up could also provide an opportunity to score a healthy number of sales and grow the company. According to Bloomberg, Marchionne said any sales expansion would have to be balanced with maintaining some exclusivity. But even if Ferrari sold just 2,000 units a year, as mentioned in a previous report, that would still be a 25-percent increase over the roughly 8,000 cars Ferrari sold in 2016. That number of vehicles would also keep Ferrari close to the 10,000-vehicle-per-year target Marchionne proposed a couple of years ago. Besides the chance for growth, building a Ferrari SUV would also keep the company in direct competition with other sports car builders planning their own utilities. Aston Martin will begin producing its DBX crossover sometime in 2019 and Lamborghini will reveal its production Urus SUV in December.

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