Ferrari SUV is probably happening

New report corroborates another recent one.

Just a few weeks after another report that Ferrari has some sort of SUV or crossover in the works, Bloomberg releases its own report of the same thing. The news outlet spoke with anonymous sources that said the plan is to release an SUV in 2021.

The sources said that it is still in the early days of development, and it could have either two or four doors, but it will be more spacious than the most capacious Ferrari on sale now, the GTC4 Lusso. It also will likely be aimed at the Asian market, and could sell as many as 2,000 units a year, which would make it easy for the company to continue increasing its sales, possibly past the 10,000-unit mark that exempts the company from some U.S. and European emissions regulations.

The previous report from Car about the Ferrari utility went a little further in its predictions. Supposedly the utility will share the GTC4 Lusso's platform, which makes sense as it's the only all-wheel-drive platform in Ferrari's lineup. It will also likely have a V8 and possibly a hybrid variant. A hybrid version would fit in with Bloomberg's report that Ferrari is also planning on more hybrids in addition to the crossover for both more sales and to help meet emissions regulations if the company exceeds 10,000 units a year.

Considering that Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne famously said he'd have to be shot before building a Ferrari SUV, it's a little surprising that Ferrari is headed this way. But if a company wants to expand sales, there's no easier way to do so than to offer some kind of crossover. Porsche learned that a long time ago, and now Lamborghini and Aston Martin are following suit. And if this Ferrari utility launches in 2021, it will be right about the same time that Marchionne plans to retire from Ferrari, so he'll sort of be able to keep his word.

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