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A Ferrari SUV? First you'll have to shoot Marchionne

No High-Riding Prancing Horse, Says The CEO

Almost every car company has its own SUV in the range. Porsche added this kind of vehicle almost 15 years ago and it may have saved the company, Bentley decided to join this growing segment launching the Bentayga, and Jaguar is doing the same with the F-Pace. Everyone is trying to get the most from the growing Asian market ( China especially) launching models very appreciated over there. But not Ferrari.

This is what came out from an earnings call with the Ferrari CEO where analysts asked how he was thinking to reach the goal of selling 7,000 units/year, balancing the slump of 22% of the Chinese market: "I don't think it's going to recover this year," said Marchionne, "but we won't make an SUV. You have to shoot me first."

Since the spin off from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ferrari's share price has fallen and this news is not good for investors that expected high profit for 2016. Ferrari has a racing history, and SUVs are not to be part of this history any time soon; the image of the Prancing Horse would come out damaged from this choice and Marchionne seems to know it very well.

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