Ferrari SUV in the works, finally?

There are some things that Ferrari just won't do. Pink cars. Electric vehicles. SUVs. Well, about that last one...

There's long been talk about Ferrari taking the leap and producing a utility vehicle to rival the likes of the Porsche Cayenne (but, like, for way more money). Lamborghini has already gotten the hint with the upcoming Urus. Now, Car says that it can confirm that Ferrari is, in fact, working on a crossover, and the project is codenamed F16X. The British magazine even has its own artist rendering of the rumored ute, though if that's what the thing actually ends up looking like, we'll eat our hat.

Car's sources in Maranello say that the vehicle will be built alongside the next-gen GTC4 Lusso (current model pictured above) with aluminum architecture, that it'll be a high-riding soft-roader, and will feature rear suicide doors with no B-pillar (picture a big opening to the rear seats). It will have all-wheel drive, building on Ferrari's experience with the FF and GTC4 Lusso. Under the hood will be a gasoline V8, possibly with a hybrid powertrain option.

The Ferrari F16X won't be cheap, of course, and is expected to fetch about $342,000 at today's exchange rates. We're assuming that doesn't account for the cost of inflation between now and 2021, when the CUV is expected to launch.

And don't be surprised if Ferrari does everything it can to avoid using the words "crossover" or "SUV" in reference to the F16X.

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