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The new Hyundai Veloster will have a driver-focused interior

Check out that zebra-print camouflage.

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We've had a number of solid glances at the Hyundai Veloster's exterior while testing, but this is our first look at the car's interior. And it's a seriously good look. About the only thing hiding the dashboard is some snazzy zebra-print vinyl wrap.

We can tell from these new spy photos that the Veloster's interior is more focused on the driver than other Hyundais. The center stack is canted slightly toward the driver, and it's a bit asymmetrical, favoring the person behind the wheel. At the top of the center stack is a large touch screen that protrudes from the dash, but it looks a bit more integrated than the screen found in the Elantra GT, as it's nestled between two air vents.

We have reason to suspect this is a Veloster Turbo model, which may be renamed Veloster Sport to fit nomenclature used on the Elantra line. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped and has a metallic red accent in the bottom spoke, just like the wheel in the Elantra Sport models. The shifter also has an accent in the same red color as the one on the wheel. We doubt this could be a Veloster N, though, as the seats don't seem aggressive enough, and there don't appear to be any accents in the performance sub-brand's trademark light blue.

We expect to see this interior fully revealed, along with the rest of the Veloster lineup, by the end of the year. It will be available in three versions, an entry-level model, a peppier Turbo or Sport version with the outgoing model's center exhaust and more aggressive looks, and a high-performance N model that will probably use the Elantra i30 N's 271-horsepower turbo engine. The Veloster N will also have the most aggressive looks, featuring a large rear wing.

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