2018 BMW X2 crossover pretty much revealed

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C'mon, BMW, we're as happy as the next people to get a clearer look at your new crossover, but this is a little silly. You took the time to take the X2 out and have nice, clear photos taken of it, but because this isn't really the reveal, you've kept it camouflaged, utilized spy-like angles and obscured it coyly behind pillars and shrubbery? If it's because you don't have any finalized stats for it, don't worry, Ford showed us the new Mustang and F-150 before they had power, pricing or fuel economy numbers for them. It's OK to reveal the look of the car even without that info.

Anyway, now that we got that out of our system, let's take a look at the almost-but-not-quite revealed BMW X2. Fans of the Concept X2 should be pleased, since the production model does have a strong similarity to that car. It has the aggressive, scowling headlights and inverted kidney grille design that broke some BMW design rules. It's also possible to make out a triangular motif around the fog lights and lower grille that is inspired by the X2 concept's intake vents, though it's a much more modest look. The side windows also have a little kink upward aft of the rear doors (attribute them to Wilhelm Hofmeister if you choose), and the taillights are just as wide as the concept's. The roof is higher, though, which makes the windows larger and the overall look a bit less sleek. We can also make out gaps where contrast-colored fender flares meet the body, which would be consistent with other crossovers and the Concept X2. Yet, even just as one consistent pattern, the X2 still looks attractive.

BMW, even with this not-a-reveal reveal, still hasn't provided a timeline for when the car will make its official debut and go on sale. Clearly the car is pretty much ready, so we could see it revealed by the end of the year, maybe at the Frankfurt or Los Angeles auto shows this fall. That would also mean it would be released in time to be a 2018 model, as we've previously predicted. We also expect the car to feature a front-wheel-drive-based all-wheel-drive system with plain front-wheel drive a possibility as well. A turbocharged four-cylinder is also assured.

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