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Here's your first look at the new 2018 BMW X4

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The BMW X4 was introduced about three years ago for the 2015 model year, which means we're due for a new version. And that's exactly what we're looking at in these new spy photos. This prototype is sporting surprisingly little camouflage, which reveals that the next X4 will have significant styling differences.

Starting from the front, the headlights have been tapered at each end, and the far corners wrap around the fenders more than the current model. The twin-kidney grille also appears to have been extended farther down the front fascia. The round fog lamps mounted high in the bumper of current X4s seem to have vanished entirely, and the vents in the bumper look as though they may be smaller.

Along the side, the chunky character lines running along the doors and over the rear fenders seem to be gone, or at the very least significantly smoothed out. The front fenders have also picked up little extractor vents like so many other modern BMWs.

The back has been thoroughly revamped, too. The taillights seem to have a similar shape to the current examples, but they look as though they extend farther to the center of the hatch. The license-plate zone is no longer in the middle of the hatch, either. A BMW roundel now occupies that section, while the license plate lurks in the new rear bumper. The bumper now features some plastic mesh to give the appearance of a rear vent, instead of simply being painted gray. The exhaust tips have a new trapezoidal design, too, and they're better integrated with the rear bumper.

The car on this carrier looks like it's probably close to production, considering the usage of just vinyl wrap to hide the design. It wouldn't be surprising if BMW reveals the crossover at the end of this year, possibly at the LA auto show, or next spring. Deliveries would probably follow a few months later.

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