When BMW unveiled the X6 back in 2008, critical reviews were mixed, to say the least. By all accounts, the heavyweight crossover actually drove quite well, but the idea of a BMW X5 that traded a lot of functionality for polarizing looks and a higher price tag seemed like a tough sell. Then it went…

- Reviewed by Brandon Turkus


2016 BMW X4
MSRP: $44,900 - $49,250
2015 BMW X4
MSRP: $44,700 - $48,000
2015 BMW X4 xDrive28i

The Art Of Polarization, Take Two

BMW's X6 has proven to be an unlikely hit – so much so that the Bavarians have followed up with this kid brother X4 for 2015, a genre-splitting model that promises to be all things to all people. We spent a week with it to find out if it's worth the extra dough over the X3 upon which it's based.
Lil Wayne's daughter gifted Ferrari GTO, BMW X4 for 16th birthday [w/video]

It must be nice to have ludicrously rich parents. Rapper Lil' Wayne's daughter Reginae recently celebrated her 16th birthday with a huge party in Atlanta. Where many teens would be overjoyed just to get a family hand-me-down for a first car, the rapper's daughter got two brand-new vehicles – a BMW X4 and a Ferrari 599 GTO.
BMW X4 M40i caught production-ready

It seems like BMW is pretty committed to this whole X4 thing. Aside from the current xDrive28i and xDrive35i, we've captured a round of spy photos showing what our spy shooters tell us is a more dynamic M40i model.

For Sale

2015 BMW X4
$43,259 / 10,591 miles / MD
2015 BMW X4
$48,160 / 7,714 miles / MD
2015 BMW X4
$49,195 / 25 miles / MD