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Search on for 4 missing from overturned car carrier ship off Georgia coast

The South Korean cargo vessel is carrying about 4,000 cars

Rescuers scoured the Georgia coast on Sunday for four missing crew members of a cargo ship that overturned and caught fire, but the efforts ran into trouble amid the flames and instability of the ship, the U.S. Coast Guard said. The Golden Ray cargo ship's problems began early Sunday morning when it listed heavily and rolled on its side in St. Simons Sound near the Port of Brunswick with 23 crew members and one pilot on board. Coast Guard Capt. John Reed said 20 were safely evacuated from the

Tesla is building its own car carriers to boost deliveries, Elon Musk says

He says there aren't enough car carriers for his cars

He says there aren't enough car carriers for his cars.

In 2019, your Volkswagen could arrive in an LNG-powered vehicle carrier ship

VW partnering with Siem Car Carriers.

Liquid natural gas-powered ships can dramatically reduce CO2, NOx, SOx, and particulates.

UAW's King upset with Chrysler plan to buy non-union transporters

Chrysler has had its fair share of troubles with transport companies of late, but a reported plan to switch to non-union delivery could make for even more labor headaches down the road. Bloomberg reports that United Auto Workers boss Bob King will stand behind the Teamsters in the event Chrysler attempts to eliminate one of the

Video: China's crazy double-decker side-by-side car transporter

Side-by-side double-decker car transporter – Click above to watch video after the jump

Full Boat: Dormant ships being used as lots for unsold vehicles

Looking for a place to stash tens of thousands of unsold new vehicles, automakers are turning unused car carrier ships into floating parking holds. It's an unusual development, especially in a shipping industry that is used to having boats filled to capacity and running full steam across the seas. As shippers face sharp declines in traffic, the world's fleet of 640 floating car carriers have been forced to make serious adjustments to cut costs and determine ways to absorb extra capacity. With di