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Despite having officially left the market in 2010, the Pontiac badge is still a common sight on roadways throughout the United States. Towards the end of its life, Pontiac models were largely rebadged versions of other General Motors vehicles, like the Pontiac G5 and Chevrolet Cobalt. It's sad, but there's no other way to put it; Pontiac was a mere shadow of its former self at the time of its death. Now it's time to revive the legendary brand.

General Motors announced it would be reviving the Redline series, a package that originated with Saturn, another dead brand, earlier this year. Some models, like the Chevrolet Camaro will receive unique cosmetic touches designed to make it look even sportier, something Pontiac excelled at in most cases.

Gas prices have fallen dramatically in the past few years and consumers have taken notice. Sales of fuel efficient cars, like hybrids and compact sedans, aren't increasing at the same rate as larger, less efficient vehicles, like trucks and SUVs. Muscle cars, like the Ford Mustang, are seeing increasing sales as well.

Perhaps it's time to revive Pontiac and restore the marque to its former glory: a brand that brought performance and style at an affordable price.

There are currently few manufacturers that offer a true challenge to high-performance automakers like BMW. The German brand continues to see high sales year after year and performance has a lot to do with it. Brand recognition, namely through the BMW badge, plays a major role as well. Pontiac, arguably one of the most well-known brands to ever grace the industry, can match both factors with ease.

Pontiac was once revered as a brand that revolutionized the muscle car segment in the 1970s and 1980s. It still has a lively following throughout enthusiast spheres and amongst drivers of all ages to this day. Reviving the brand with a small line of high-performance vehicles would certainly offer a challenge to dominating German brands.

A small lineup of affordable vehicles bearing the Pontiac badge and designed for performance and style would certainly make waves in the current market. Reviving a few older nameplates, such as the GTO and Trans Am, would offer nostalgic appeal. Packing both models with a powerful entry-level engine, say the Camaro's turbocharged four-cylinder or V6 engine, would open up the market considerably.

Bringing newer models, like the Solstice and G8, back to the market as high-end performance models would further entice buyers away from competitors. Stocking both models with an insanely powerful engine, like the Corvette's supercharged V8, would offer new challenges to muscle car competitors, like the Mustang Shelby GT350.

For a fifth, and final, model, I would like to see a high-performance crossover bearing the Pontiac badge. Spacious seating for five with a tweaked version of the Chevrolet Equinox's all-new turbo-diesel engine would likely give any competing crossover a run for the road.

The revival of Pontiac as a performance brand seems ripe, especially considering General Motors made a $200 million investment in the Pontiac campus just last year. Look at it this way: the GM Powertrain Performance and Racing Center officially opened in Pontiac, Michigan in 2016. Has a brand revival ever been more destined?

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