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Safety, comfort, and ease should be your top concerns for a primary family vehicle - off-roading comes second.

Team owner, Will Turner, claims being a Turner Girl is not as easy as it seems. I disagreed. Here's the result.

Hamilton also matched the late Aryton Senna's record of 56 poles.

We all have to test drive cars at some point, but does the experience ever really change? I went shopping in the luxury brand segment for the first time. Here, I share some of the unique aspects I encountered looking in this specific market.

For the first time since 2001, two Ferrari's led by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, take F1's prestigious race Sunday in Monte Carlo.

The 2017 GMC Yukon XL Denali has road presence and supreme luxury to boot that will make even the most mundane daily commute something to look forward to.

Technology used in car manufacturing is wonderful, to a point.

Based on its' capabilities, features and how it drives, it deserves more appreciation and consideration in the market.

A consultation from an auto industry insider's point of view.

After two years with my own hot hatch (a 2015 Volkswagen Golf R), I'd like to share some of what I have learned.

I think bizarre things on rainy days. On this rainy day for example, I was thinking about the most neglected model currently on sale. Read on to discover what I chose.

Should the company pull the plug?

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been around for more than half a century, but have Toyota executives given up on the high-end SUV?

After 81 attempts, Valterri Bottas finally wins his first grand prix race by edging Sebastian Vettel by six tenths of a second in Russia.

General Motors's revival of Pontiac is practically destiny.

Most of today's popular truck models will do the job, as will the SUVs mentioned in this article.

Question: What car brand should come back?

Founded in 1926, Pontiac was named after a Ottawa Chief who also had an entire city named after him. Legendary wouldn't you say?

Don't be fooled by its compact category as the CR-V can cater nicely to a growing family or to someone who's flying solo.

Bringing back an important brand.

Seems more and more these days iconic car brands are rising from the ashes and staking their claim in today's auto market. A lot of those brands hinge on their past heritage and come back bolstered by some parent OEM. I for one am a very big fan of this, as long as the execution stays true to that heritage

A ute revival may be closer than you think

Car based trucks used to be popular. But, is anybody looking to fill this void in the here and now?

A new Pontiac for a new age.

GM should unleash new Pontiac models with a Cruze SS, Fiero, Firebird and GTO joining the mix.

Long live the Talon!

FCA can only rely on large vehicles for so long.

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