We knew the Dodge Demon was going to make a lot of power, but the ongoing question has been how much. We've seen estimates of between 757 and 1,121, but those have simply been guesses based on the numbers found in promo photos. However, if we had to put our bets on a horsepower rating, we'll probably go with the higher estimates because the Demon can run on race gas.

Yes, the latest teaser for the Demon reveals that it will come with a factory tune optimized for race gas, which is rated at 100 octane or higher. Running such high octane, in combination with its heavy-duty intake cooling, means the Demon can handle absurd amounts of boost and advanced timing without running the risk of dangerous pre-ignition or detonation. Of course this also means the Demon should be capable of astonishing power with the high-octane calibration.

The tune will be included in the Demon crate on a separate engine computer that the owner can swap out when he or she is ready to race. In addition to the computer, the center stack also has a button to activate the high-octane mode. A pair of fuel pumps and larger injectors also ensure the engine gets plenty of that sweet racing fuel.

When not running the high-octane tune, the Demon runs on your average premium gasoline. Also, in case you accidentally run premium gas with the high-octane mode activated, the car will automatically switch to the default tune if engine knock is detected. You can get a peek at the system in the video above, and be on the lookout for a bonus video tomorrow. The full reveal will be next week on April 11 at the New York auto show.

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