Dodge Demon's A/C helps its supercharged Hemi make more power

A/C systems don't always sap power.

Staying cool is one important key to performance. Simply, more air means more power, and cool, dense air is better than hot air. While forced induction might help make copious amounts of horsepower, turbos and superchargers produce heat. Intercoolers help, but the new Dodge Demon and its supercharged Hemi need a bit of an extra boost. In Drag Mode, the Demon's engine commandeers the car's air conditioning system to help chill things out.

The Demon will have the first production application of a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system. Literally, the car's air conditioning system is used to cool the air going into the engine, dropping temps by up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Dodge claims the system helps achieve "temperatures previously unattainable by pressure-charged street-legal production vehicles."

As cool as this may sound, the technology isn't new. Ford had a prototype system in the early 2000s called SuperCooler, though that system never made it to production. While the Demon's system doesn't have a super cool name like the one from Ford, the pair essentially work in the same way. In theory, it should have the same effect as a bottle of nitrous. According to Autoweek, Ford's system bumped up the output of the F-150 Lightning by about 50 horsepower. Turns out that air conditioning isn't always a huge power suck.

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