Dodge's slow rollout of the upcoming Demon continues, and with it comes endless speculation about what it all means. Every video, every image, and every press release contains some clue that points towards the Demon's final specs. We don't think any of it is random or arbitrary. This week cryptic image, a small plate with a name and two numbers, shows us a little more than last week's license plate. Unfortunately, Dodge will neither confirm or deny anything, meaning we have no way of knowing which rabbit hole to go down. Don't expect to see official horsepower, a quarter-mile time, or an MSRP until the New York Auto Show.

The plate is attached to the crate of goodies that comes along with every Dodge Demon. This particular one is labeled with three things: Tom Coddington, serial number 0757, and VIN 001121. The name is simple enough. According to Hot Rod, Coddington was one of the original Ramchargers, a group of engineers in the early 1960s that helped Dodge get involved in drag racing. He was a fuel system specialist, motor consultant, and a rotating garage manager. All of that could be clues. While a name is easy enough to Google, the two numbers can't be broken down so easily.

The crazier theory is that the car makes 1,121 horsepower and will do the quarter-mile in 7.57 seconds. Frankly, those numbers are about as likely as the Demon actually being powered by a Rolls-Royce turbofan engine from a Boeing 757 or packing a carburetor with 1,121 CFM. The Demon is going to be street legal, and the costs associated with making a 1,121-hp car meet emissions standards alone are assuredly astronomical.

As our friends from Road & Track pointed out, the more likely theory is that 757 is actually the horsepower rating. This seems totally plausible, but it means we still don't know what 1,121 means. Surely it's not a drag strip time, as the standard Hellcat will do ¼ mile in 11.2 seconds. Like before, if you have any ideas, post them in the comments. Until April, we'll keep trying to solve Dodge's demonic puzzle.

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