A Utah Department of Transportation employee is lucky to be alive today after a passing semi-truck pushed his snowplow off a snowy freeway and down a steep, 300-foot embankment last week.

According to the Deseret News, Terry Jacobson was plowing a stretch of westbound US 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon on January 12 when a speeding tractor-trailer attempted to pass him on the right. As it surged past, the truck caught the outer wing of Jacobson's plow and forced it into the guardrail. The snowplow crashed through the guardrail and tumbled 300 feet down an embankment.

A trucker named Lemalie Laulu was heading eastbound on US 6 and recorded the incident with his dashcam.

"It was a bad road. It was slippery. The snow was coming down. I was driving up Price Canyon and I figured, 'You know what? I'm going to turn my dash cam on. You never know,'" he told the Deseret News.

When Jacobson went through the guardrail, Laulu and a number of other witnesses immediately stopped to help. The Utah Highway Patrol arrived soon after to pull Jacobson from the wreck and to question the trucker who caused the incident who had pulled over as soon as Jacobson left the highway.

"All I could see was the front axle of the truck, the plow hanging on a tree, and I couldn't see the truck," said Laulu. "It was going further down the cliff."

Thankfully, Jacobson survived the crash with only some bruising and a possible concussion. He is expected to recover completely.

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