Recharge Wrap-up: ChargePoint announces 400-kW charging, Tesla places limits on Launch Mode

Goodyear gathers data from Tesloop; Vulog offers turnkey carsharing.

Goodyear is partnering with Tesloop to study tire performance. Using data from Tesloop's city-to-city electric car service, Goodyear plans to apply cloud-based machine learning to create predictive models in order to produce better-performing tires, especially as the way we use cars begins to change. "Tesloop's leadership in the utilization of semi-autonomous, connected, electric cars gives us insights today into the next generation of 'mobility' where driving vehicles 250,000 miles a year may be a common occurrence," says Goodyear VP of Global Innovation Jim Euchner. Read more in the press release from Goodyear.

ChargePoint has announced that it will build 400-kW EV charging stations. At a time when 350-kW chargers are considered cutting edge, the "ChargePoint Express Plus" DC fast-charger is capable of even quicker top-offs for capable vehicles. Currently, passenger electric cars can't take advantage of the full 400-kW output, but some trucks and buses can, and future consumer models are expected have that capability. In the meantime, it'll charge your EV at its maximum rate. Express Plus will be available from ChargePoint beginning in July 2017. Read more at Electrek, and in the press release from ChargePoint.

Vulog is the company behind many carsharing services. The French company provides organizations with the software and hardware to create their own branded carsharing program. Madrid's Emov, Montreal's Communauto, and Vancouver's Evo services use Vulog technology, to name a few. Now, the behind-the-scenes independent company hopes to gain a wider foothold, including inside the US. Read more at TechCrunch.

Tesla has limited the number of launches its cars will perform in a recent over-the-air update. Tesla says performance models will "continually estimate fatigue damage" that comes from pushing the limits of performance, and may limit output accordingly (except in the P100D). While many understand the stress something like Launch Mode puts on a vehicle over time, others bemoan Tesla's customer communication in instances where it quietly introduces changes like this, and find that it erodes trust. Read more at Green Car Reports or in the Tesla Motors Club forum.

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