Nikola One hydrogen-electric semi truck teased before tonight's unveiling

Here's a bit of the front end.

The full truck will be unveiled late tonight, but Nikola Motor Company would like to invite you to take a sneak peek at the Nikola One semi right now. The company has just issued a teaser image of the lower front end, and that's all we've got for now. At 9 pm Eastern tonight, we will be on hand in Salt Lake City, Utah to see the whole thing. Stay tuned here and to our social media channels ( Twitter / Facebook), and you will be able to watch a livestream of the event over on the Nikola website.

As a refresher, the Nikola One is a big (class 8) semi that Nikola Motors says it will have in production by 2020. The powertrain is the highlight here, since it is zero-emission with power supplied by both lithium batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell. Nikola claims these two energy sources will allow for a range of between 800 and 1,200 miles. A monthly lease cost of between $5,000 and $7,000 (for 72 months) will get you all of the hydrogen you want (at a network of stations that will be announced tonight) as well as scheduled maintenance. Ryder will be providing sales and service, including warranty work, for Nikola.

Nikola says it has gotten pre-orders of $3 billion for these trucks, but let's remember to put that in context. However much money Nikola has gotten, it may not be enough, since Nikola will have some competition in the zero-emission semi truck game. Toyota recently announced a vague program to test hydrogen fuel cells in a semi truck as well.

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