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Nikola One Zero-Emission Semi Truck Unveiled | Autoblog Minute

Nikola Motor Company unveiled the zero-emission semi truck. Delivery of the first trucks expected in 2020.

Nikola One hydrogen-powered semi is tall, different and zero-emission

Nikola CEO: 'This truck will come to market, I promise you that.'

The real test will come down the road.

Nikola One hydrogen-electric semi truck teased before tonight's unveiling

Here's a bit of the front end.

Want to see more? You'll have to wait.

Nikola Motors ditches battery-powered semi, looks to hydrogen

It's sort of like a magic trick. Now you see it, now you don't.

Say what, now?

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Nikola Gets $2.3B In Preorders For Electric Semi | Autoblog Minute

Nikola Motors, the Tesla of the trucking world, claims $2.3 billion dollars in pre-orders for its plug-in semi. The Nikola One is a near zero-emissions semi truck that utilizes a natural gas-electric hybrid system.

Nikola Motors claims $2.3 billion in preorders for electric semi

New company says it collected orders for 7,000 big rigs in one month.

Nikola Motors says that it has received orders for 7,000 of its all-electric semi trucks. If these orders all come through, they'll be worth $2.3 billion.

Nikola Motors steals Tesla's first name, wants to build clean semis

An all-electric UTC called the Nikola Zero is also in the works.

Nikola Motors debuted today with a lot of promises about two new plug in vehicles, the Nikola One semi-truck and the Nikola Zero UTV.