Huge sinkhole opens up and swallows busy intersection in Japan

A five-lane street in the Japanese city of Fukuoka was swallowed by a huge sinkhole early Tuesday morning, according to CNN. Hundreds of people who lost power were evacuated from their homes after two smaller holes merged to form a 88 feet wide, 98 feet long and 49 feet deep hole. The five lane intersection was immediately closed, as were five major roads in the area.

The hole caused the power to shut off for roughly 800 homes in the area, according to Time. The surrounding area was also evacuated due to gas leak concerns. The hole is currently filling with sewage water after the collapse. City officials told CNN that construction on a extension of a nearby subway line might have trigger then collapse.

Sinkholes happen all over the world. Earlier this year, a sinkhole in Italy swallowed up dozens of cars this year. Just a month after the Italian sinkhole, another one opened up in Canada in the middle of a four lane road.

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