Recharge Wrap-up: BMW i8 and i3 CrossFade Edition in Paris, upgraded Atieva electric van races again

Tesla responds to more ocmments from MI Gov. Rick Snyder.

Atieva has again updated its Edna electric van prototype, and this time has raced it against cars belonging to the public. With its new inverter design, the electric powertrain inside the body of a Mercedes-Ben Vito (Atieva's first production vehicle will actually be a sedan) pushed the van from 0-60 in just 2.74 seconds. The quarter mile came in 11.3 seconds. The only car able to outpace it in the video was the Tesla Model S. The video concludes with a reaction shot of some passengers feeling Edna's acceleration for themselves. They appear impressed. Check out the races in the video above, and read more at Electrek, or from Atieva.

BMW is debuting limited edition paintwork for the i3 and i8 at the Paris Motor Show. Provided by Garage Italia Customs – the same group that brought us the i8 Futurism Edition – the Crossfade Editions of the i3 and i8 don't have any performance upgrades, but they are stunning to behold nonetheless. The exterior design is inspired by Pointillism, a painting technique that emerged from French Impressionism in the late 1800s. It looks much more futuristic applied to BMW sheet metal. Inside, the color scheme from the exterior is carried over in dramatic, contrasting materials. The CrossFade Editions will be available for purchase at the beginning of 2017. See them in the slideshow below, and read more from BMW, or at Electrek.

Governor Rick Snyder says Tesla needs to make its case to sell in Michigan. He says that Tesla should present its argument in front of state legislature to "see if they get people interested in moving on something like that." Tesla VP of Business Development Diarmuid O'Connell criticized Snyder's "empty gesture," saying that its direct sales model is acceptable in "communist China and socialist France," and asks, "Why should governments be dictating the models by which a manufacturer has access to the market?" Governor Snyder signed a bill prohibiting Tesla from selling under its direct sales model in Michigan two years ago. Read more from Automotive News.

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