Chevy Volt continues to dominate Nissan Leaf in monthly sales

In August, the Volt pretty much doubled what the Leaf managed.

It wasn't the best sales month in almost two years ( that was last month), but the Chevy Volt still had a great August. Chevy sold 2,081 Volts last month, a 51-percent increase over the 1,380 sold in August 2015. So far in 2016, Volt sales are up 72 percent over 2015 (14,295 vs. 8,315).

This is all pretty unsurprising, since the Volt has seen solid sales figures ever since the second-gen model was introduced late last year. So far, Chevy has sold over 103,000 Volts in the US since putting the plug-in hybrid on sale in late 2010.

The Nissan Leaf, on the other hand, isn't setting anything close to new records. The good news for Nissan is that Leaf keep on chugging along, even if it's not at spectacular rates. Nissan sold 1,066 Leafs last month, a 23.5-percent drop from the 1,393 Nissan sold in August 2015. So far this year, Nissan had sold 7,922 Leafs, a 36-percent drop compared to the 12,383 sold up to this point in 2015.

As always, our comprehensive report of green car sales will be up soon. We like keeping this running Leaf/Volt sales posts going, and we once again look forward to your comments about how these two pioneers in the mass-market plug-in market are doing five and a half years after their introduction.

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