Chevy Volt has best sales month since August 2014

GM sold 2,406 Volts last month, more than double the Leaf's 1,063.

The second-gen Chevy Volt continues to rack up impressive sales numbers. Last month, GM's plug-in hybrid sold a total of 2,406 units, which is the best month of US sales since the car sold 2,511 units in August 2014. The closest that GM has some since then was in December 2015, when 2,114 Volts were sold. Cumulative Volt sales (first- and second-gen) have now crossed the 100,000 mark in the US.

July's Volt sales marked an 83-percent increase over July 2015, when GM sold 1,313 Volts. So far in 2016, Volt sales are up 76 percent, showing – once again – how much of an impact the revamped model is having on sales.

In fact, the new Volt more than doubled the Leaf's sales, which came in at just 1,063 last month. Despite an overall July sales record for Nissan, Leaf sales for July were down 9.5 percent from the 1,174 Leafs sold in 2015. Overall, Leaf sales are down 37.6 percent this year. In the first seven months of 2015, Nissan sold 10,990 Leafs. So far this year, that number is 6,856. We don't expect much to change until the 200-mile Leaf finally arrives.

As usual, we will have our complete round-up of green car sales in short order. For now, enjoy the discussion about how these two original mass-market plug-in workhorses are faring in the bright summer of 2016.

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