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Jeremy Clarkson names 10 worst cars for 2015 and 2016

These cars definitely don’t have ‘the Fizz.”

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When Jeremy Clarkson, outspoken automotive journalist, ex- Top Gear host, and co-host on The Grand Tour, drives a car he doesn't like he doesn't pull his punches. As Jezza harshly puts it, cars shouldn't just be a form of transportation.

These 10 cars made Clarkson's "the terrible 10" list on his column in The Sunday Times for lacking imagination and not giving the journalist "the Fizz," which his list of top 10 cars did. In typical Clarkson fashion, the list is controversial. Some of the cars on Clarkson's list have received praise from other outlets, which shouldn't really come as a surprise since he usually goes against the majority's opinion. Nonetheless, there's at least one car that will catch you off guard.

To get a glimpse at Clarkson's reviews and the entire list of cars, head over to his column in The Sunday Times.

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