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'OK, God if this is the way I'm supposed to die, I will die'

"OK, God if this is the way I'm supposed to die, I will die."

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Canadian researchers find a new way to transform these monstrosities

Canadian researchers say they've found a better way to transform these monstrosities.

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LA Times tells of vandalism, tourists run amok and creative destruction

LA Times tells of vandalism, tourists run amok and creative means of destruction.

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Here's the story behind the now-famous viral video

By now, you've probably seen the video. And if you haven't, well there it is above: Mike Hale's silver Ford Mustang being devoured by the ravenous Pele, Hawaii's volcano goddess, and her unstoppable crush of lava. Yet, if you look closely in that video, you'll see something else, specifically in the foreground that meets its fiery end. That would be the R2-D2 mailbox his daughter made for him one Christmas.

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Oxbotica shares self-driving data with insurers to assess, control risk

Who is responsible when an autonomous car crashes? That's a difficult question to answer. Is it the owner? The company who built the car or its autonomous hardware? The people who programmed the car to make decisions? It's a complex issue, and one that gives legislators — and the general public — pause.

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Smart roadway will share energy and data with vehicles

In Jinan, China, there's a section of highway over which some 45,000 vehicles drive every day. A company called Qilu Transportation Development Group is converted about two-thirds of a mile of that roadway to generate solar electricity — enough to power the highway lights and 800 homes. Qilu Transportation isn't stopping there, though. Looking forward to a future of electric and autonomous driving, the goal is to make the road smart. Eventually, it will be able to provide more accurate tra

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It's like a time machine that goes back to late 2009

The 2018 Lexus GX 460 has been on sale since late 2009. There have been a few minor updates, but a 2018 model is essentially the same as one from 2010. It's based on the global Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and shares more than a little with the Toyota 4Runner. It slots between the Lexus RX and the big daddy Lexus LX. Despite its age, it's still a seller. Sales were up in 2017. In fact, the GX had its best year in the U.S. since 2005. Blame cheap gas all you want. Really, people just want SUVs.

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Continental's technology uses existing interior parts for hi-fi audio

First it was eight-track players, then cassette decks, antennas and CD players. Now your actual speakers might be the next features of your car audio system to disappear, The New York Times reports.

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And he has some off-beat theories on why people aren't buying sedans

Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen chatted with journalists at a recent roundtable, expounding on everything from domestic racing to Chinese manufacturing. The brand's been doing a slow burn on rolling out new products and increasing sales, but admittedly, there was a lot of work to do. After closing out last year 0.8 percent down in the U.S., the domestic luxury brand is more than 5 percent up so far this year, thanks to healthy double-digit bumps for the ATS and Escalade, and increased fleet

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The truck and crossover craze is even crazier than most of us realized

Luxury buyers are giving up sedans for highly optioned, limited edition pickups, crossovers, and SUVs, and the Detroit Three are the biggest beneficiaries.

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'Gliders' pollution far exceeds all emissions from Volkswagen scandal

Emissions from 'gliders' dwarf those from Volkswagen's dieselgate scandal.

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Dodge's all-wheel-drive muscle car — Ford and Chevy don't have one.

We still wish it had the Hemi.


New York City, San Francisco and Atlanta were in the top 10.

We're only the fifth most-congested country overall.

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The diesel's defeat devices made its exhaust much cleaner than out on the road.

The Beetle tested was outfitted with a defeat device, unbeknownst to the scientists.

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Praise for the Dodge Demon, but he gets in a dig at Ford.

Praise for the Dodge Demon, but harsh words for Ford.

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Cars without a yellow resident tag will be fined $200.

That route may save you eight minutes, but it'll cost you $200.

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Labor boss says the GOP tax bill "gives corporations an incentive to outsource" when the U.S. badly needs jobs and tech.

The labor boss says the GOP tax bill "gives corporations an incentive to outsource" and says the U.S. badly needs jobs and tech.

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Workers describe an atmosphere hostile to women and minorities.

Despite multimillion-dollar settlements, workers describe an atmosphere hostile to women and minorities.

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Faraday Future is a company in chaos.

This article from The Verge lifts the veil on Faraday Future.


First, let's talk about that central seating position.

Electric trucks, including the Tesla Semi, are inevitable and welcome. But questions remain about this particular implementation.

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