Quikbike Qiosk puts e-bike sharing in a shipping container

EV World publisher Bill Moore finds new energy in electric bikes.

Quikbike Qiosk Bike Sharing in a Shipping Container
Quikbike Qiosk Bike Sharing in a Shipping Container / Image Credit: EV World
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What do you do when you've been covering the electric vehicle scene for 18 years? Well, if you're Bill Moore, the publisher of EV World, you decide it's time to work to get EVs into more hands. Or feet. Since the EVs that Moore is working on are electric bicycles in a new bike sharing service that can fit in a shipping container.

Called the Quikbyke Qiosk, Moore and his team used a matching grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to fund, "what is probably the world's first solar-powered, shippable, eBike rental shop-in-a-box: in our case a repurposed 20-ft shipping container." The first experiments happened in Omaha earlier this summer before the start of the NCAA College World Series and the US Olympic Swim Trials. Moore told AutoblogGreen that the initial test was a success, and that, "one of our very first rental guests was Stephen and Missy Bentz, parents of Olympic gold metal-winning swimmer Gunnar Bentz."

Since it's all packable in a shipping container, Moore said that he want to send the Qiosk somewhere else. It can be shipped by surface or sea anywhere in the world and be fully operational within two hours, he said, so it will be going to the Florida Gulf Coast in the coming months. "There we begin more intensive consumer trials, with the goal being to further refine the technology, both hardware and software, while we also go into serious funding raising efforts," he said. It's a suitable new phase for someone who first saw an ad for the Warrior electric bike in Business Week back in the summer of 1997.

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