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Paris launches world's biggest e-bike fleet to curb pollution

Up to 20K bicycles will go on long-term rentals at 40 euros per month

Up to 20,000 bicycles will go on long-term rentals at 40 euros per month.

Dockless bikes: Green revolution, or 'parasites on the urban space'?

Cities worldwide are complaining about the clutter of bikes, scooters

Zipcar's latest sharing mission: Bikes

Unlike big, city-run operations, Zipbike will only be available in 10 college campuses.

Quikbike Qiosk puts e-bike sharing in a shipping container

EV World publisher Bill Moore finds new energy in electric bikes.

Put up a box, rent out the electric bikes.

Two Wheels
Bike life: the present and near future of cycling in the news

A new approach to bikesharing, bike safety research, best practices for bike lanes and a building made for bikes.

Donkey Republic app offers a new approach to bikesharing. Bikesharing is safer than ownership. PSU develops best practices for protected bike lanes. Oslo's bike-friendly office building is super green.

Translogic tackles how Parisians share transportation

This week, our sister site Translogic heads off to Paris to check out the Vélib' bike-sharing and Autolib' electric-vehicle sharing programs.