Recharge Wrap-up: Pikes Peak Tesla abandoned at Supercharger, Gen. Wesley Clark champions ethanol

Do you lend out your EV?

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A Pikes Peak International Hill Climb-winning Tesla has reportedly been abandoned at a Supercharger. The Go Puck Tesla Model S, which set a record at the event for the Electric Production class, has been sitting at a Supercharger in Colorado Springs for weeks, according to a post in Tesla's forums. And, of course, forum users have taken the opportunity to crack wise about the forsaken EV. While the car may be occupying a space at what is apparently not a super busy charging station, fans also have the chance to go have a look at the record-setting Tesla until it is removed. Read more at Electrek.

General Wesley Clark argued in support of ethanol at the Democratic National Convention. While some gas stations advertise the fact that their product contains no ethanol, General Clark – a retired US Army General and former presidential candidate who now works for ethanol group Growth Energy – suggests such banners should also proclaim, "Send your money to Venezuela!" Besides reducing harmful emissions, putting American ethanol in gasoline provides an economic benefit to our country, he argues. "We need to use more biofuels and ethanol, and that means staying with that Renewable Fuel Standard." he says. See the interview and read more at Four States Homepage.

Treehugger asks, do you lend out your EV? Author Sami Grover says that one of the ways he tries to help the environment is by passing off his Nissan Leaf when he travels overseas. By lending his EV to someone to use instead of their gas-powered car, not only does Grover help assuage his own carbon-laden guilt, it gives someone else a chance to experience what it's like to drive and live with. He likens it to the enthusiasm many Tesla owners share for showcasing their own cars to other curious drivers. In the article, Grover asks his readers if they lend their EVs out. Read more at Treehugger, and be sure to see the comments from other owners.

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