Tesla loses fight to open second store in North Carolina

The DMV shuts down Tesla chances of a NC second store.

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has refused to let Tesla Motors open a second store in the state. The California automaker currently operates a service center and gallery in Charlotte and a service center in Raleigh, but the state DMV says that a second gallery would run afoul of local dealership laws. The situation has been the subject of debate between Tesla and local dealer groups.

The DMV's administrative hearing officer, Larry Greene, signed an order that said that "at least three independent dealers" would be able to run a Tesla dealership that would be, "in a manner consistent with the public interest," according to Automotive News. Because of that, the company will not be allowed to open another of its own stores.

Our favorite "vegan hippie chick with a racecar,' Leilani Münter (pictured), wrote on Facebook that, "I'm embarrassed to tell anyone I live in North Carolina for SO MANY REASONS but here is one more" about the denial. Unsurprisingly, as a green car fan, she has been quite vocal about this issue. She even submitted testimony to try and "legalize Tesla" in North Carolina. Other Tesla supporters took to Twitter to voice similar concerns:

Neither Tesla nor CEO Elon Musk have issued a statement on the situation in North Carolina, but Musk has said in the past that you can't sell and electric car the same way you sell a gas vehicle, which is why the company needs to run its own stores. In North Carolina, for now at least, this won't be happening.

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