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Tesla goes to Utah Supreme Court over direct car sales

Automaker is engaged in a similar fight in Texas, Michigan, and Missouri.

Once more, to the courts.

Michigan says no to Tesla direct sales, again

Looks like there will not be a Tesla store in Grand Rapids.

Looks like the grassroots will once again need to step up to promote Tesla in Michigan.

Tesla will bring fight against dealerships to Utah this fall

Utah continues to hold out with its franchised dealership requirement.

One state representative calls the current prohibition "unconstitutional."

Michigan owns Tesla shares, still says direct sales are illegal

Total state investment in Tesla? $72M. In Ford and GM? $31M.

Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

Michigan Tesla owners now giving out test drives

Want to break the law without breaking the law?

A grassroots group is offering Tesla test drives in protest of Michigan's direct-sales ban.

Virginia dealer group accuses Tesla of breaking sales law

Company denies wrongdoing as feud continues.

Tesla is alleged to operate illegally out of shopping mall by Virginia dealers group.

Tesla loses fight to open second store in North Carolina

The DMV shuts down Tesla chances of a NC second store.

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles denies Tesla the right to open a second gallery in the state, saying local, independent dealers could do it.

Michigan moving extra slow on Tesla's dealership application

Email trail shows years of delay by the state.

As Tesla continues its quest to sell its vehicles in Michigan, the state is taking its sweet, sweet time responding and asking for more information.

GM shuts down Tesla's direct sales chance in Connecticut

The fight continues in North Carolina as well.

Two more state legislatures discussed Tesla's efforts to sell its EVs direct to customers this week. The automaker was shut down in CT, and maybe also NC.

Connecticut inches forward on legalizing Tesla stores

But there's still time in the state's legislative session to reject the automaker.

Tesla may finally be allowed to sell its electric vehicles direct to customers in Connecticut. Maybe.

How coffins are like Tesla's electric vehicle sales

Tesla continues to eye six remaining states for direct distribution rights.

Louisiana case involving casket sales may help Tesla take its distribution legal battle to the feds.

Tesla sued by Virginia dealers' association over new store

Tesla opened its only Virginia store near DC early last year.

Virginia dealership association says Tesla can't open its second state store until at least next year.

Tesla gets reprieve in Utah direct sales challenge

Another battle in another state. But the fate of HB384 is not final yet.

The Utah legislature will study HB384 some more, rather than let the supposedly pro-Tesla (but really anti-Tesla, according to Tesla) bill become law.

For now, Tesla notches win in its direct-sales fight with GM

Indiana lawmakers punt decision on HB1254 until summer.

Indiana state legislators voted Thursday to send an anti-Tesla bill to the summer session, effectively punting, despite voting for it 93-2 three weeks ago.

GM: Tesla shouldn't get 'special rules' in Indiana

State legislature will debate HB1254 this week.

GM calls Tesla's protest against Indiana's HB1254 a request for 'special rules' to sell its Model 3, an EV that will compete with the Chevy Bolt.

Tesla fights back against anti-store bill 'authored and pushed' by GM [UPDATE]

The latest dealership battle is taking place in Indiana.

Tesla Motors has sent a letter asking supporters in Indiana to call their lawmakers to vote against a bill 'pushed' by GM that would prevent Tesla sales.

Tesla applies for Michigan dealership license in unusual move [UPDATE]

What Does The EV Automaker Want With A 'Class A' License?

Tesla Motors has requested a 'Class A' dealership license in Michigan, a state where it is not allowed to sell its EVs directly to customers.

Is the FTC hinting it will change US auto dealership laws?

Technically, It's Just Listening For Now

A day-long workshop on dealership laws in America shows that the FTC is listening to different voices on the issue. But what is it hearing?

Tesla, GM now sniping at each other over EVs, dealer laws

At FTC Hearing, Tesla Lawyer Hits Back Against GM CEO Mary Barra

After GM CEO Mary Barra pokes fun at Tesla's inability to sell EVs in all 50 states, a Tesla lawyer says GM is, 'purely competitive.'

Tesla, Elio, auto dealers talking to FTC today on direct sales

The FTC will hear eight hours of testimony on things like vehicle distribution, dealership locations, and direct vehicle sales today.

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