Mitsubishi admits it lied about MPG ratings for all vehicles in Japan

The widening scandal could lead to Nissan gaining control.

Like the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal, news about Mitsubishi's lies over fuel-economy ratings for its Japanese market vehicles is going from bad to worse. First, it was just a few kei cars. Then it was vehicles made as far back as 1991. Now Mitsubishi has admitted deceptive mileage test data could affect every vehicle it has sold in Japan, but not vehicles sold elsewhere. We suspect that this will not cause the EPA to relax its request for more information from the Japanese automaker to see if any vehicles sold in the US are affected. Mitsubishi Motors North America has said its US numbers are legit.

In a letter to the Japanese government, Mitsubishi said that even though its managers knew getting good fuel economy ratings was a difficult task, they didn't ask too many questions of the engineers actually doing the tests. That allowed those employees to fake some of the numbers.

Exactly what the repercussions will be in Japan is not known, CBS News says, both in terms of fines or penalties and how to compensate people who bought these vehicles. Reports are also just coming in that the fuel scandal might lead to Nissan taking control of Mitsubishi. More on this as it develops.

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