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New allegations against Ghosn concern payments to Saudi businessman

Spokesperson says Nissan's 'scope continues to broaden'

Spokesperson says Nissan's "scope continues to broaden."

Audi investigated for falsifying documents and forging VINs in South Korea

And what's this we hear about an unnamed Chinese gang?

And what's this we hear about an unnamed Chinese gang?

Volkswagen pleads guilty in emissions scandal, could pay $25B

VW already agreed to pay $4.3 billion in fines in January

Volkswagen, whose diesel-emissions scandal broke in September 2015, pleads guilty in a US District Court to obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

VW threatens legal action against former chairman Ferdinand Piech

Board denies ex-chairman's renewed claims of knowledge of a diesel cheat.

"The Board of Management will carefully weigh the possibility of measures and claims against Mr. Piech."

Volkswagen outlines $2 billion infrastructure-spending plan

Including 500 new chargers for US plug-in vehicle drivers.

Volkswagen will spend $2 billion over five years to add charging stations across the US and establish a "Green City."

Volkswagen, Bosch reach diesel settlement worth $1.6 billion

This latest settlement will cost VW $1.2 billion alone.

VW will either fix or buy back about 78,000 Volkswagens, Audis, and Porsches with V6 diesel engines.

VW and several European nations face scrutiny over emissions

South Korea, Porsche are pulled further into the fray.

Regulators around the world question oversight over emissions-testing policies that failed to stop 11 million VW diesels from being programmed to rig the system.

VW executives lawyering up for diesel scandal court fights

VW criminal settlement with Justice Department is unlikely by Trump's inauguration.

VW agreed to $16 billion in civil fines from US Justice Department, but it will fight criminal charges in the diesel scandal.

VW's $10-billion settlement could eliminate any need for a TDI fix

VW's settlement with dealers could add more than $1 billion to the tab.

VW hasn't come up with a repair plan that satisfies either US or California regulators.

Audi's CEO might not have known of VW emissions scheme

Audi's 3.0-liter diesel is one of many VW-developed mills found with cheating software.

3.0-liter diesel engine in question is featured in Audi models such as the A6, A7, A8, Q5, and Q7.

Bosch allegedly wanted protection for role in VW diesel cheat

German supplier even had a code-word for the cheat device.

US consumers say Bosch informed VW that it wanted to be legally protected for making the emissions cheat device.

Mitsubishi Motors halts some SUV sales in Japan as MPG scandal grows

Japan's Transport Ministry claims automaker overstated fuel economy for eight models.

We talk with the lawyer holding VW's stinky diesel feet to the fire

'If there's an unfixable car, there's no deal.'

If you care about the VW diesel settlement with the EPA and CARB, you're gonna want to read this.

Employee warned Mitsubishi execs about mileage cheating in 2005

But the company's leadership denies any knowledge of the comments.

A new hire warned 20 company execs, including senior officials from the company's performance testing department, about the mileage issue in 2005.

Investigators say Mitsubishi mpg scandal was 'collective failure'

New stakeholder Nissan is also planning on Mitsubishi improvements.

One investigator said it was a 'collective failure.'

EU may pressure Volkswagen to compensate dirty diesel owners

Germany says VW has to fix the cars but doesn't have to pay owners.

Some European regulators are unhappy that its diesel owners aren't getting paid by VW like the Americans are.

Volkswagen may have fudged emissions reports in South Korea

VW allegedly manipulated reports for 26 models.

Volkswagen may face charges for manipulating emissions and noise reports given to South Korean officials.

Volkswagen gets approval for diesel cheat fix in Germany

VW says the cars will be fully compliant after repair, and performance won't be impacted.

German regulators Okay Volkswagen's diesel emissions-software fix for about 800,000 vehicles.

Mitsubishi president resigns in wake of fuel economy scandal

Two of the top executives at Mitsubishi are stepping down as the company is shaken by the scandal surrounding its fuel-economy figures. However the chairman and CEO is keeping his seat – at least until Nissan can replace him.

Mitsubishi admits it lied about MPG ratings for all vehicles in Japan

The widening scandal could lead to Nissan gaining control.

Mitsubishi says its shady fuel-economy test practices may have been used on all vehicles it sells and has sold in Japan.

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