Video of a tornado forming and tearing up a highway in ​eastern Colorado was uploaded by AccuWeather to their YouTube account over the weekend. The extreme close up for the storm was snagged by storm chaser and professional meteorologist Reed Timmer.

Timmer managed to get close by as the funnel cloud was forming outside of Wray, CO, a small town of about 2,300 people near the Nebraska border on Saturday. When the funnel cloud touched down and the storm seemed to pick up strength, Timmer shouted to his driver to get closer. As they chased the storm, they filmed overturned semi trucks tossed aside like a giant kid's forgotten toys on the side of the highway.

Even though the storm was huge – AccuWeather reported that the path of destruction was a half a mile wide and six miles long – there were no deaths. Five people received minor injuries and four structures were seriously damaged in the storms, NBC reported. Twisters popped up all over the plains area Saturday, as spring warms up the region.

It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: never try this at home. Timmer is a professional storm chaser. He understands weather patterns and how storms move. And make no mistake, these storms are killers. Ten people have died so far this year in Tornados, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA says that there are no really safe places when on the road with a tornado – just less dangerous ones. If traffic is light and the funnel cloud is far away, NOAA suggest driving at right angles away from the storm to stay out of its path of destruction. They suggest seeking shelter as soon as possible if your situation is less ideal. In the event that your car is caught in a tornado, it is suggest that you get down and keep your seatbelt on, or leave the vehicle and seek out lower ground like a ditch.

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